Adult Life



For many teachers and youth workers the transition into adulthood was a long time ago, and since then most of the information has changed. Nowadays, websites where young people can find information are boring, not accurate and not useful at all, and educators should help them in this journey.

Most of the resources available in AdultLife focus on information, but, with the help of educators, we can bring in an element of competence-building that goes beyond information, consisting of upskilling and change of attitudes preparing young people for the perks of being an adult. 

Join our MOOC and find out that transition to adult life is not only about information but also about the skills and attitudes.


Would you like to help your youngsters and support their transition to adult life? Check out our Educational kit which is full of methods based on non formal education! Step by step you will be able to open up this difficult topic in your classroom and make the learning process fun, interesting and informative for your youngsters!

Soon this method kit will be available, if you cannot wait much longer please leave your email below, we’ll send it to you right after it launches.


Are you a youth worker, an education provider or a youth leader? Do you live in Austria, Portugal or Slovakia? Would you like to meet the people behind this project and learn about the construction process in depth?

In May 2022, we’ll carry out an in-person multiplier event in each of the partner countries! The goals are to network, exchange good practices and build your capacities on the adulting process as an educational provider. 

Are you interested? Please leave your email below and we’ll contact you with more information about these events.


If you aren’t near any of the countries where the multiplier event will happen do not worry. We’ll deliver a webinar with the same goals for youth workers, educational providers and youth leaders world wide. 

Adult Life is about sharing information in a joyful youthful way, if you’d like to learn more about this methodology, please, leave your email below, we’ll contact you with more information about the webinar.