Adult Life



Even though you are reading right now about our AdultLife project, you can also check our NGOs website where you can find more information and outcomes of the project. Here you can learn about the project, but on our websites you can find a dynamically changing environment where there is everything you need to know about the 5 topics.


The goal of the videos is to inspire young people to learn in an easy way about these topics and if they find doubts in the process, they can search more in the links that will be available in the video’s description. Easy peasy!


The survival manual is a personal organizer, designed to be portable, you can take it everywhere you go! It contains calendar, templates, useful contacts, important national dates regarding the adult life (for example taxes) holidays, budgets, health appointments, etc. You only need to take a pen into your hand and your adultlife full of appointments can start.
During your walk, running or driving you can listen to our podcast and get to know how to pay your taxes or why check ups at your doctor are important! No English? No worries! Each organization produces episodes to cover all topics of our project in the mother tongue (German, Portuguese and Slovak) We have guests, we have young people, educators, experts who are ready to share your secrets how to become a proper adult!